Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)


At Momentum Physio, we are specialists in IMS. IMS is a total system of diagnosis and the treatment of chronic myofascial pain (muscular system). With chronic pain, the injured muscles become tight due to actual muscle shortening caused by super/hyper sensitivity or irritation to the nerve supplying these muscles. The treatment involves the use of thin acupuncture needles inserted into the center of tight, tender muscle bands without injecting any substance. These needles produce a reflex relaxation of the muscle (causing the muscle to “twitch” or produce dull, cramp-like sensation), increases blood to the area (accelerating healing) and stimulates the nerve to resume normal function.

IMS relies heavily on a detailed assessment by competent IMS practioners. Frequency is no more than 1 session/ week; however, total number sessions will vary.

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