Momentum Physiotherapy is where you will find your IMS and physio specialists. And we’re not only helping people in Maple Ridge, we’re here to help people in Pitt Meadows too!

Here at Momentum, our passion is helping our patients recover from injury, prevent future injuries and ultimately help increase your quality of life. We help people with services like Intramuscular Stimulation, Manual Therapy, Exercise Prescription, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Mechanical Traction, Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Concussion Therapy and Vestibular Therapy.

Below are some of the approaches our physiotherapists may include in your treatment plan:

We’d love to help you on your journey to physical recovery!
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Therapy by Maple Ridge Physiotherapist


Physiotherapy helps patients maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. Your movement may be hindered by injury, age, pain, disease, or environmental factors. Regardless of the reasons, our physical therapists will strive to uncover the root cause of your pain, and develop a personalized plan to help assist your body in the healing process. We use a variety of techniques to help you through the recovery process, including: Manual Therapy, Exercise Prescription, IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS), Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC).

Spinal traction physiotherapy

Spinal Traction

Mechanical Traction is available and helpful for both neck and lumbar injuries. This technique allows us to use specific weight, intermittent time settings and various angles to help decompress the spine. Traction can also be extremely beneficial to assist in unloading disc “bulges” and “pinched” nerves.


Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

At Momentum Physio, we are specialists in IMS. IMS is a total system of diagnosis and the treatment of chronic myofascial pain (muscular system). With chronic pain, the injured muscles become tight due to actual muscle shortening caused by super/hyper sensitivity or irritation to the nerve supplying these muscles. The treatment involves the use of thin acupuncture needles inserted into the center of tight, tender muscle bands without injecting any substance. These needles produce a reflex relaxation of the muscle (causing the muscle to “twitch” or produce dull, cramp-like sensation), increases blood to the area (accelerating healing) and stimulates the nerve to resume normal function.

IMS relies heavily on a detailed assessment by competent IMS practioners. Frequency is no more than 1 session/ week; however, total number sessions will vary.

Read more about Gunn IMS at UBC >>

Manipulative/Manual Therapy by Maple Ridge Physioterapist

Manipulative/ Manual Therapy

The FCAMPT (Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy) promote the healing of soft tissues without any specialized equipment. Therapists assess and treat more specific joint dysfunction that may require high-velocity, low amplitude thrust techniques. Once the injured segment is in neutral alignment, progressive exercises are integrated to stabilize these specific segments. Manipulative/ Manual Therapy, in conjunction with a specific exercise program, will empower you to continue on your path to independent home exercises. See more about CAMPT>>

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is an important part of our philosophy to assist our clients in recovery. We regularly teach and outline specific individual exercises for our clients to enable them to progress and be involved in their health care success.  Your program will also include selective flexibility and stretching exercises. Our ultimate goal is to give you the tools and the resources for you to continue on your own, improving strength, posture and core stability.

Pacific Sport Fraser Valley

Sports Physiotherapy

At Momentum Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we are proud to assist athletes in returning to sport after injury. With our strong athletic background and rehabilitation knowledge, we understand and can assist these high level athletes back to training and competing injury free. We are proud to be a referral clinic for Pacific Sport Fraser Valley.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Your body is in “recovery mode” after a surgical procedure, therefore, this requires a different level of physiotherapy. We have extensive experience designing physical therapy programs for a variety of post-op clients, including: total joint replacements, reconstructive and arthroscopic procedures. Not only will we work side-by-side to ensure your successful recovery, we will also work in close contact with your surgeon to ensure their particular protocol is implemented.

Vestibular Therapy

Problems with the inner ear often can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and nausea, and can often be treated using a series of positional movements and exercises referred to as Vestibular Therapy. Your initial appointment will involve a thorough assessment by a certified vestibular therapist to narrow down the cause of your problem, so that specific treatment can be prescribed. Vestibular conditions treated include BPPV, vestibular neuritis/labrinthitis, Meniere’s disease, among many others. Some conditions can be treated in as little as 1-2 sessions, but most require multiple treatments over a number of weeks or months, in order to allow the nervous system and brain to adapt.


Concussion Management

Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury, can often result from different types of trauma, where the brain or nerve tissues are suddenly exposed to changes in force (i.e. hit to the head, sudden quick rotation, etc). Symptoms are varied, but can include sensitivity to light, sound, dizziness or vertigo, nausea, changes in hearing or vision, as well as cognitive difficulties. Most concussions will resolve on their own with little intervention, but for those patients whose symptoms seem to persist, an assessment by a physiotherapist with training in concussion can be helpful to clarify what may be causing some of your ongoing symptoms, and provide direction or recommendations for further treatment. This could involve balance or strength exercise, vision or vestibular training drills, education on symptom management, or referral to other professionals who can be part of your recovery team.


What to Expect at your First Appointment

At your first appointment, expect that we will go over general medical history, specific area of pain or injury, how the pain started, what we can do to assist you, and what your goals are for our sessions. We will then complete a detailed musculoskeletal assessment, rule out any “red flags” and begin outlining a customized treatment plan just for you.

We will work with you to determine your best treatment options while assisting you achieve your  goals as quickly as possible. Do keep in mind that the number of subsequent appointments will vary depending on severity and type of injury.

For your convenience, you can book subsequent appointments ahead of time, in person, by phone or online>>

We’d love to help you on your journey to physical recovery!
Call 604-459-2223 to book your 1st appointment